I do my own nails. This is something I like to do during Sundays before me and my boyfriend go out for a date.

Recently, I purchased this nail polish from Bobbie's. Honestly, I was just curious on how it will look like on my nails since it comes with three kinds of polish.

I am very thankful that God gave him to me. He is such a blessing and I am very fortunate to share my life with him.

This photo was taken on our last Nagsasa trip and because my boyfriend and I are tired of doing the mandatory jump shots, we tried a different one -- the Levitation Shots!

I am from the Philippines and I work on a graveyard shift. I finish work at around 5AM (but I leave the office one or two hours after because of overtimes and workloads).  So, my sleeping time is not the usual night time for most people.  

Recently, I have been reading blogs about make up products and watching videos on make up how-tos. I was inspired by them so I decided to improve my look and to buy some make up products. As first step, I had my browse shaped at Bobcut Salon. Hope you like how my browse looks now. :)

We may not have all the riches and material things in the world but, at least, we have each other. :)

"None of us knows what might happen next even the next minute,
yet we still go forward. Because we trust.
Because we have Faith."
-Paulo Cuelho, Brida

As I have said in my past blog entry (here), summer is my favorite season. This makes the beach front as my favorite scenery. 

Recently, I have been looking for new pair of shoes to purchase. I want a pair that I can wear on a casual day.

There are only two seasons in the Philippines, the rainy season and the dry/summer season. Being a tropical country with more than 7,000 islands, you'll definitely love summer here.

'True motivation comes from achievement, personal development,
job satisfaction and recognition.'
- Frederick Herzberg

I am not a model or a celebrity, so when Sexy Solutions contacted me and said that they will display my picture in their billboard, I really got over excited!

Sunrise at Nagsasa Cove.
Just last weekend, I went to Nagsasa Cove at Zambales, Philippines. It was an outing of my boyfriend's company and I was his plus one.

Mother's love. The definition of unconditional love.

This photo was taken during my boyfriend's sister's wedding. This is her cute little daughter who was one of the flower girls.

Summer is the best time to show off your favorite swimsuits and little fashion pieces.

Craving for Chinese food? The restaurants/stores in the streets of Binondo will never fail you.

I love accessories. I usually buy them at bazaars because it's cheaper there and there are a lot of good finds if you are just patient to check out every booth. Plus, if you are persuasive enough, you can ask for good discounts from the sellers. :)

Above is a photo of me (second from the right) with my college roommies, Rhea (leftmost), Lea (second from the right) and Yana (rightmost). We spent most of our undergrad days together. And even after graduation, we still manage to organize getaways, dinner/lunch dates and hangouts just for us to catch up with each other's life and love stories.

Loving and being love in return is the best feeling of all. Just the thought of the person you love makes you smile at the middle of a stressful day. It makes you believe that forever is more than a word and happiness is spending the rest of your life together.

Febfair. One of my most awaited events when I was in college. It is a one-week event where student organizations set up booths on the UPLB Freedom Park Grounds. A night full of bands, performances and contests.  It is also the time where alumni visit the campus to catch up with their friends and student orgs.

Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese by Happy Lemon
Sunday is date day for me and my boyfriend, Lem. This time, we decided to meet up at Market! Market! for the morning mass. We spent the day just strolling around the mall, eating and singing our lungs out at the videoke booth (we are both aspiring singers. LOL!).

When it wasn't that sunny anymore, we strolled around BGC High Street and he treated me with one of my fave drink at Happy Lemon. I am such a happy kid! :)

Tip: It tastes better if you will not use straw. Sip it directly from the cup! :))
Covergirl 305: Hot Passion
Some girls dress up and beautify themselves because they want men to recognize them. But for me, girls should not just do it for the guys but also for themselves. Of course, I want my man to appreciate me but, more than that, I want to appreciate and love myself too. Wearing make ups and dressing up are just some of the girly things I love doing. It makes me feel beautiful and confident.

Recently, I have been looking for long lasting lipsticks because I do not want to retouch every now and then. 

My officemates and I decided to celebrate labor day by eating after work. I am on a graveyard shift so 'after work' is not dinner but breakfast for normal people. We have limited options when it comes to where-to-eat because it is too early and there are only few 24/7 restaurants around. Luckily, we are near Pancake House which opens at 6 in the morning.

Anawangin Shore
My friends and I wanted a getaway this summer. So, we organized a fun-filled trip for the group. We chose Anawangin as our destination because we do not need to travel by air and the travel time is just around 3-4 hours from Manila. We decided to avail a package which included van service from Makati to Pundaquit shore, boat transfers, tents, coolers, coals, drinking water, kitchen utensils, etc. The package is just PHP1990 per person which is a good deal given that it included most of the things we needed aside from the food.

The van fetched us at around 2 in the morning. This is the best timing if you want less hassle and a good spot for your tent. We took a sidetrip to San Antonio Public Market to buy some meat and fish before heading at the Pundaquit shore.

Before being addicted to shakes and smoothies, I am a fan of milk tea and fruit tea, specifically passion fruit and wintermelon flavors. I have tried various tea shops here in Manila like Gong Cha, A Gantea, Chatime, Bon Appetea and Happy Lemon. My favorite is Passion Fruit QQ from Chatime. It tastes good and it is really refreshing.

Maybe, it's the summer fever which made me switch from the tea craze to the shake addiction. Having fruit shake every morning makes me feel energetic and less sleepy at work. I usually order Mango shake which is not just healthy but it is also good for the skin. Sometimes, I have it mixed with banana or apple for a different taste. There are limited fresh fruit shake station around my workplace so I always order in Fruitas. They have a lot of fruits in their selection and it is a bit cheaper than milk/fruit teas.
I am looking for a long-lasting lipstick so when the saleslady said that this one can last for more than 12 hours, I bought it. I chose the 'Delight' shade because I am looking for a color that isn't so bright so that I could wear it everyday. I like the lipstick because it makes your lips look soft and smooth. You do not have to put on lip gloss after applying it because it is already moist/glossy. The color is sweet, it makes you look fresh and younger. However, it stains and it did not last long as I expected. But still, I would recommend this lipstick to others. It's still a good deal considering it is way cheaper than other long-lasting lipsticks.

I am a fan of this kind of challenge in instagram. I will be posting my photo challenge pics here too.

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So I decided to shut down my old page and start up a new one. This time it will be pink, posh and perky. Hope you'll enjoy browsing! Feel free to follow and share my blogs! :)

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