Camping at Anawangin


Anawangin Shore
My friends and I wanted a getaway this summer. So, we organized a fun-filled trip for the group. We chose Anawangin as our destination because we do not need to travel by air and the travel time is just around 3-4 hours from Manila. We decided to avail a package which included van service from Makati to Pundaquit shore, boat transfers, tents, coolers, coals, drinking water, kitchen utensils, etc. The package is just PHP1990 per person which is a good deal given that it included most of the things we needed aside from the food.

The van fetched us at around 2 in the morning. This is the best timing if you want less hassle and a good spot for your tent. We took a sidetrip to San Antonio Public Market to buy some meat and fish before heading at the Pundaquit shore.
We had a bit of a hassle when we were in the port because the agent who handled us mistakenly gave our boat and other stuff included on the package to a different group. We waited for almost an hour for the boat to fetch us.

It took us around 30 minutes to reach Anawangin Island. The shore is not as wide as the famous beaches we have here in the Philippines but the sand is fine and the water is really clear. There is no signal and electricity which makes it a good spot if you want an escapade away from the perks of the city life.

We spent the morning and noon time setting up our tent and preparing our food. 

This is me enjoying our tent :)

At around 2PM, we hopped to Capones Island which is around 20-30 minutes away from Anawangin. Capones is much smaller than Anawangin but the sand is whiter and the waves are bigger there. We (especially the girls) really enjoyed picture taking with the amazing rock formations we saw in the island. :)

Picture with the girls at Capones Island

When we got back to our tents, we started preparing our meal for dinner because it will be hard for us to eat when it gets dark and all we have are our candles and flashlights as source of light. We started the bonfire at the moment it got darker. We toasted marshmallows in the fire and it was delicious! We played fun card games and shared stories to each other.

We spent the next day just eating, picture taking resting on the shore and swimming on the beach. (Bum day, indeed!)

I really enjoyed the duyan ;)
Overall, our Anawangin camping experience was fun and one of a kind (this is, of course, if you will minus the hassle brought about the mistake of the agents from the travel package we availed). It was my first camping experience and I never thought having no technology at all would still be enjoyable. :)))

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