Covergirl's Lip Perfection: Hot Passion

Covergirl 305: Hot Passion
Some girls dress up and beautify themselves because they want men to recognize them. But for me, girls should not just do it for the guys but also for themselves. Of course, I want my man to appreciate me but, more than that, I want to appreciate and love myself too. Wearing make ups and dressing up are just some of the girly things I love doing. It makes me feel beautiful and confident.

Recently, I have been looking for long lasting lipsticks because I do not want to retouch every now and then. 

Last May 1, I posted about the Covergirl lipstick I bought. It was the Delight shade (code 410) and I think I mentioned that I was a bit upset because it didn't last that long. I shared the review to my officemate who is also fond of lipsticks and make ups. She said that she also bought a Covergirl brand but a different shade, the 'Fairytale'. Its a warmer pink shade compared to the Delight and its not glittery. She made me try it so that I can compare it with mine. Surprisingly, this shade gave a different effect to my lips. Its creamy, not glossy and it didn't dried my lips. I had lunch and it was still there!

After trying Fairytale (code 405), I was really decided to buy the same shade when I had the chance to go to the mall. The saleslady was really friendly and she shared other shades that I might want to try too. There were really so many to choose from but I was thrilled when I saw the Hot Passion shade (code 305). Its bright red color attracted me. When I tried it on, it has the same effect to my lips as that of Fairytale. It is also creme but more brighter. I liked its shade more than Fairytale and I love that it looked matte without drying my lips. I ended up buying Hot Passion instead of Fairytale.

Hot Passion shade on my wrist
Just a warning, both Hot Passion and Fairytale are highly pigmented. They really stain and it may be hard to remove the stain at the end of the day. But honestly, I don't mind it. I love that they can really last the whole day without reapplying. This is just what I'm looking for. Yay! :)

Me wearing the Hot Passion Shade

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  1. I love this color! Red is one of my favorite shades!

    Thanks for the comment! I'm following you so I'm just waiting on you! Can't wait for your other posts!

  2. Wow! I love red lippies! This is lovely


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