Day 13: SUNRISE. At Nagsasa Cove.


Sunrise at Nagsasa Cove.
Just last weekend, I went to Nagsasa Cove at Zambales, Philippines. It was an outing of my boyfriend's company and I was his plus one.

We had the same travel time from Manila to Zambales as that of my Anawangin trip (for details click here) and we were also picked up by the boat at the Pundaquit shore.

Compared to Anawangin, the travel time to Nagsasa Cove is longer. It took us more than an hour to reach the shore. Nagsasa is also a camping site, no signal and electricity. It has a wider shore than Anawangin but lesser people camp out there.

The Beach at Nagsasa. Amazing view.

We spent the whole day preparing our tent and food, strolling around the island, playing cards and just chilling in the beach. And yes, it was really a perfect day :)

My crazy jumpshot!
The next day, we island hopped to Anawangin and Capones Island. We really enjoyed Capones because the water there is so clear and you do not have to go too far to see the corals and the fishes. We enjoyed snorkling and swimming in the beach! We also trekked all the way up to the Capones Light House.

The exhausting trail up the Light house.
 It was a 2-hour exhausting trek but the view was really worth all the sweat! :)

The lighthouse and the ruins of an old house.
Inside the ruins.
My boyfriend and I at the top of the light house.

I really enjoyed the trip. Nature at it's finest! :)

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  2. Seems a gorgeous post!

  3. that really seems like a perfect day!! I love watching the sunrise + sunset!

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  4. Wow - I wish my boyfriend's job would take us places like that! Looks amazing!

  5. Looks like you had a really great time! I should explore our country more often too. :)
    Followed you back via GFC dear! Thank you so much for the support.

    xx, Mela

  6. Amazing pics.... great location!!!!
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  7. Really great pictures!

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