Day 2. MORNING ROUTINE: Drinking mango shake while writing to-dos on my planner


Before being addicted to shakes and smoothies, I am a fan of milk tea and fruit tea, specifically passion fruit and wintermelon flavors. I have tried various tea shops here in Manila like Gong Cha, A Gantea, Chatime, Bon Appetea and Happy Lemon. My favorite is Passion Fruit QQ from Chatime. It tastes good and it is really refreshing.

Maybe, it's the summer fever which made me switch from the tea craze to the shake addiction. Having fruit shake every morning makes me feel energetic and less sleepy at work. I usually order Mango shake which is not just healthy but it is also good for the skin. Sometimes, I have it mixed with banana or apple for a different taste. There are limited fresh fruit shake station around my workplace so I always order in Fruitas. They have a lot of fruits in their selection and it is a bit cheaper than milk/fruit teas.
Another part of my morning ritual is writing my to-dos in my planner. I purchased this planner from Tomato PH. Their planner is really chic and it comes it different styles. I have a bit of OC-ness in me that's why I take it a must to keep track of my everyday task. I keep a list of what I wear for the day to make sure that I will not wear it on the same month. I do this 'cause I like mixing and matching clothes and I don't like to the feeling of wearing the same outfit over and over again.

These are the two things that I take as a morning regimen. How about you? :)

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