Day 3: THIS IS REALLY GOOD: Bacon Potato Salad by Pancake House


My officemates and I decided to celebrate labor day by eating after work. I am on a graveyard shift so 'after work' is not dinner but breakfast for normal people. We have limited options when it comes to where-to-eat because it is too early and there are only few 24/7 restaurants around. Luckily, we are near Pancake House which opens at 6 in the morning.
I rarely eat at PH because I am not into pancakes and breakfast meals (I don't regularly eat after work). Since I want to try something new, I ordered Bacon Potato Salad (my officemate recommended it). It costs around 160pesos.

This dish is better if it is served warm . I liked how they cooked the potato, it's tender but not too mushy. The dressing tastes good too. Plus, the crunchy bacon flakes added up a pinch of saltiness to the dish. It's definitely a salad with a different twist! :)

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