Day 7: SOMETHING STARTING WITH F: Friendship. Always and Forever.


Above is a photo of me (second from the right) with my college roommies, Rhea (leftmost), Lea (second from the right) and Yana (rightmost). We spent most of our undergrad days together. And even after graduation, we still manage to organize getaways, dinner/lunch dates and hangouts just for us to catch up with each other's life and love stories.

This photo was taken when we went for a vacation at White Island in Camiguin, Philippines. We tried to spell "LOVE" with our body. :)

One thing common to us: We all love the sun, the sand and the beach :)

We also love to eat! This photo was taken at the Del Monte Clubhouse in Bukidnon, Philippines. We went there to have lunch and try their famous pineapple juice!

Sharing stories and having fun will never be missing in our hangouts. This one was taken last January when we had our post-Christmas party at Lea's place. We prepared and cooked our own food and we exchanged gifts. We had a toast to celebrate our friendship! :)

One of my favorite photo with them. This was just one usual day at the university but we all looked cute and happy here. :)

I will always be thankful that God gave me this awesome set of girlfriends. They may be playful and crazy but when worse comes to worse I am sure that they will always be there for me.

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