My boyfriend and I celebrated our third anniversary last June 26. It was a happy and memorable day! :)
One of my favorite things to do when I have spare or rest time is to watch tv series on my laptop or mobile phone. I am lucky to have a friend who downloads complete episodes of various series and shares it to me.

One of my favorite show at this moment is PLL or Pretty Little Liars which is a mystery-thriller teen drama based on Sara Shepard's novels.

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Had some "me" time again and I decided to be playful with my nails.

I applied a neon pink polish and dazzled it with silver sheen.
I went to the mall last Saturday and I found myself trapped in the Cosmetics section again. Haha.

Below are some of my purchases that I want to share with you.

I've shared on one of my previous posts that I will be showing to you once I have worn my new pair of hidden wedge (back story here). So here it is! This was taken when I was on my way for a Saturdate! :) Yay!
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