Favorite: Pretty Little Liars (TV Series)

One of my favorite things to do when I have spare or rest time is to watch tv series on my laptop or mobile phone. I am lucky to have a friend who downloads complete episodes of various series and shares it to me.

One of my favorite show at this moment is PLL or Pretty Little Liars which is a mystery-thriller teen drama based on Sara Shepard's novels.

Photo from: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/pretty-little-liars-debuts-season-445795
The story revolves around these four girls who were hunted by "A" who seems to be the murderer of their late friend, Allison.

I love this show not just because of its thrilling episodes but also because of the fashion statements of the four main characters of the story. Every time there is a new episode, I will always watch out and admire their clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. 

The first character is Spencer Hastings (being played by Troian Bellisario) who is the "brainy girl" in the group. Her style is somehow vintage and polished. She is classy and sophisticated, sexy but not revealing.

The "It girl" of the group is Hanna Marin (portrayed by Ashley Benson). Her style is chic, girly and sexy. She has a strong personality which is also visible in her fierce clothes and dresses. She pulls off the latest fashion trends from hair to toe!

Emily Fields (portrayed by Shay Mitchell) is the "sporty girl". Being the jock in the group, her style is the most laid-back. She's more on the comfy zone choices of wardrobe like maong minis, jeans/denims, cropped tops and layering shirts. It may sound boring but if you will watch the series itself you may actually be amazed how she can pull off this style perfectly!

Last but not the least is the "rock girl" of the group, Aria Montgomery (played by Lucy Hale). Her style is chic but somewhat rebellious. Motorcycle jackets, mini dresses, leather booths and playful accessories are her thing.

I really love the fashion styles of these girls. I think there is a bit of Aria or Emily or Hanna or Spencer in all of us girls. There are times that we want to dress up for a date, we go for the Spencer style -- classy but sexy. There are days that we wake up in the morning feeling like a queen bee, then we go for Hanna, chic and trendy. Sometimes, we just want to have a casual day, we style like Emily, relaxed but posh. Nevertheless, there are also times where we want to be different but stylish, then we go for Aria's rock but girly sense of fashion.

Which of them do you think resembles more of your fashion style? :)

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  1. Cool I will be able to read your blog every time y o u put a new post . I alwsys keep my word. You will know Im following you I always comment on all I'm following as long they do the same.. follow back you will be number 72 thanks .

  2. hi darling! thanks for your cute comment on my blog!
    i follow you now!
    come back soon
    xoxo vale


  3. haha i used to watch PLL a lot but then i kinda gave up following it after a while :/
    i wonder if it's really interesting now haha.

    alysia x

  4. I'm a fan of PLL too!

  5. We love series too!!
    Thank you for visit our blog and comment.
    We are following you with bloglovin and GFC.
    Kisses from Spain.

  6. I love this show.. I haven't watched it in ages, defo need to catch up!

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  7. I haven´t watched it, but it sounds so great..a lot of fashion!!
    you are a lucky girl, I want to have someone like your friend ;)

    1. hahaha. i really love that friend of mine :)

  8. Nice post:-)


  9. Great post :)
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    xx Sofie

  10. lovely outfit! and pics :D


  11. i love that series also... nasa season 2 na ako pero di ko natatapos pa. where do you watch?

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  12. I'm in love with Aria's and Hanna's style! You should check out this site for how to dress like them on the cheap:


    Would you like to follow each other?

    Sophisticated Lace

  13. I love Pretty Little Liars too! Been watching it since the beginning. Love seeing their cute clothes too!


  14. Really nice post i love pll too i think spencer and aria is more my style thankyou for stopping by t my blog i am following you on gfc and bloglovin i woul really appreciate it if you follow me back on both



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