Recent Purchases: Etude House, Nichido and Revlon :)

I went to the mall last Saturday and I found myself trapped in the Cosmetics section again. Haha.

Below are some of my purchases that I want to share with you.

A. Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil (BK801). This is my first purchase from a Korean Brand and I can say that I am satisfied. First stuff, the packaging. I like that it is thinner than most of the eyeliners. You have to twist the top part so that the liner will come out of it. By this, you will have a complete control of how long will the tip be during application. The best part about this pencil is that it comes with its own sharpener (it is at the bottom part) so you do not have to buy one. As for the liner itself, it is smooth and creamy. I also love that it is really waterproof. I applied it before going to work and when I went home, it is still there. Of course it is not that solid anymore but at least it did not smudged my eyes. However, if you like a very thin line, you will have to sharpen it before using. Also, if you want a really black liner this may not be the one you are looking for because the color is not that strong. 

B. Nichido Eye Pencil (802 Medium Brown). I purchased this product because I just want to try how my brows will look if I will try to line it with a pencil. My girl friends said that if I want something for my eyebrows I should choose a brown or dark brown color so I chose medium brown. What I like about this pencil is that it is soft and easy to apply. The negative part is that it has a tendency to smudge and it cannot last through the day.

I tried applying the pencils from Nichido and Etude so you will have an idea of how it looks.

C. Revlon ColorStay 2-Way Foundation with Softlex (08 Tawny Beige). I am used on having powder foundations. This time, I want to try a pressed foundation. I purchased this product because I liked how my skin looked after the sales lady made me try it. It made my face looked fresh and soft. I also like that the Tawny Beige color is just right for my skin tone. It can also be used as dry or wet (though I haven't tried to use it with a wet sponge). I like that it has no scent at all (fragrant products makes me snooze all day). The packaging says that it can last for 16 hours. But, I think it will only last that long if you are in an air-conditioned area. For humid places like the Philippines, it can last for at most 8 hours only. It is also a bit expensive compared to other products available in Philippine cosmetic counters but it is a bit cheaper than other branded foundations like MAC.

I think I also need to try liquid foundations and eyeliners in the future. Do you have any suggestions in mind? :)

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  1. Guapa!
    Me pasaba por aquí y no he podido resistirme a t blog,asi que me quedo para siempre,no quiero perderme ni un sólo post!
    Muaaa <3

  2. Love that liner!

  3. I usually use a light brown liner for my brows, from Avon. I like it cause it has a really cool and useful brush at the other end.

    I follow your blog with GFC, every since I started my own blog :).

  4. Wanna try that foundation me too! :D

  5. This always happens. For liquid eyeliner I love my Sephora brand! But be careful, because if they're not waterproof they're NOT waterproof - they will literally just wash right off if a drop of rain splashes on your eyelid.

  6. Nice haul!
    I prefer liquid liners, course most pencils smudge after some time :(

    Thanks for visiting my blog, following you as you offered. Follow me back :)

  7. mm Cool stuff!
    For I eyeliner I suggest shiseido for sure!

  8. Great finds! You should do a post with you wearing your cosmetics! I wish I could wear eyeliner the way I want to, unfortunately, I feel it will only make my eyes tinier! If I do, I do a really thin, wing-tipped line on the top only. Lovely post!

    Wardrobe on Wheels

  9. Thanks for your comment <3
    Wanna follow each other on GFC and FB?
    New post on my blog

    xx Sofie

    Your Princess is in Another Castle

  10. Yes for us girls its so easy to get lost! Great picks, thanks for sharing doll.

  11. nice purchases! eyeliner is important part of my everyday make up and i prefer actually liquid one. it may take a little practice to apply it correctly, but after that it allows you to emphasize your eyes with most precision. gel eyeliners are pretty good option as well - they stay put longer than pencil liners and are easier to apply than liquid liners.

    if you use gfc to follow my blog, please consider switching over to bloglovin' since google reader is shutting down on july 1. thank you!

    a possible fantasy

  12. i really love etude house, their pink lipstick is my favorite and the bb cream is really a magic! :)

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  13. great liner!!!

  14. Great! Love the bracelets!


  15. What things so perfects!! We love all of them!
    Your shopping day was fantastic, of course!
    Kisses from Spain, pretty!

  16. so great

  17. Really great. I do not know if you know there is a rumor that gfc is dropping so the bloggers are directing there followers to bloglovin. Please add bloglovin for we could follow each other I do not want to lose your blog.


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