Travel 2014: The Kick-off at Mt Batulao


I promised myself that this year will be full of new experiences and adventures. To start it off, I joined some of my friends from work on a hiking trip and invited my boyfriend to tag along.

We hit the road at around 7am and reached Nasugbu, Batangas at around 9am. It was a perfect day for hiking, the sky was cloudy and the weather was windy.

The jump off point is at Evercrest Golf Course. We started the hike at around 9:30am with a kid guide showing us the trail. We took the old trail going to the summit. There were some steep parts and parts where you have to carefully walk because once the wind set off your balance you'll definitely end up to a major injury. For me, the most challenging part of the this trail was when we had to rock climb or use a rope to continue the trek. Whew!

After more than two hours of some chit chats, short pauses for rest and more walking, we finally reached the summit. Yay! It was very fulfilling to reach the top! The wind felt like it will blow you off the summit any time!

A picture showing the summit.

My boyfriend and I at the summit. Hooray!
After enjoying the view, eating our lunch, finishing a bottle of softdrink and taking some pictures, we decided to descend.

We took the new trail going down. It was more challenging than the old one because the trail is steeper. Yet, I enjoyed this trail more than the latter because it took us to different peaks, giving us the chance to savor the scenery more. Walking up and down the peaks, seeing every shade of green around me and a clear blue sky whenever I look up, made me feel one with nature, peaceful and relaxing.

A picture showing the peaks of the new trail.

Other hikers going up from the new trail.

It took us less than two hours to get back to Everest where we rested for a while and changed clothes.

I went back to Manila with a drained energy but with a fulfilled and happy heart :)) Hooray for more 2014 adventures! :)

*Credits to my officemate, Aluel, for the pictures

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  1. Gorgeous place you took amazing pictures great job.

  2. wow. Stunning pictures. Hope ya had a lot of fun xxxxxxx



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