Travel 2014: A day of Adventures at Sitio Madlum, Bulacan


From an adventurous day in Nueva Ecija, our group woke up on a Sunday morning for another escapade. We hit the road a little behind our schedule because some folks weren't able to wake up early due to last night's drinking.

The Climb

It was around 11AM when we reached the jump-off point at Sitio Madlum in San Miguel, Bulacan. The sun was shining brightly so I knew from the start that it would be a sweaty journey to the summit. We hired a local to guide us on the trail.

Mt. Manalmon is an easy trek. The trail is less challenging compared to the other mountains I've been through. Yet, we were sweating all the way up because it was too hot and there were few trees that we can use as shade.

The trail at Manalmon is easy and established. Still, don't forget to drink once in a while to avoid dehydration due to too much sun heat.
Because of our fast pacing, it took us just less than an hour to reach the top. Hooray!

A group jump shot at the summit! Yay!

Our view on top. Wow, just wow!

That's me enjoying the view at the summit.

After resting, eating our lunch and picture taking, we decided to descend.

We took a different route going back, passing through the river this time.

The Bridge

45 minutes and we were back to our jump-off point. Before going back to the car to prepare for the spelunking at Bayukbok Cave, our group took another #YOLO adventure -- the Monkey Bridge. Watching how the locals pass through it makes it look simple and effortless. Trying it on my own made me realize that it is not as easy as it looks.

That's me trying to take one step at a time. No harness and one wrong step and you will fall either on the rocks or on the water. Truly, #YOLO!! :)
4 Tips. Don't be afraid. Grip on the cable. Find your balance. And, don't look down! :)

Me vs our guide. Hehe. Can you see how thin the cable is? :)

The Cave

After few rest, the group took a short uphill trek going to our next itinerary, the Bayukbok Cave.

Our spelunking adventure started off with a small passageway that took us to a cliff. From there, we used a rope to go down the cave.

My friend, JL, carefully going down the cave using the rope.

Different rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites welcomed us through the chambers of the cave. It was very dark on some parts of the cave so it is a must to bring a flashlight/headlight with you.

I wore my headlight as a necklace because it is a bit heavy for my head. Hehe.

Picture taking with the boys. :)

The locals named some parts of the cave. There was a chamber that they call the Music Room because tapping the rock formations will create vibrating sounds. There was another chamber called the Body Language because you need to really twist, turn and bend your body just to pass through the small openings.

Me trying to pass through a small hole. Thank God I'm thin! :)
It took us less than  two hours and one final swing on a vine (like Tarzan. Yeah!) to finish the whole spelunking stretch. It was worth every sweat! Haha. :)

Our group having fun at the vine. Hehe. 

Spelunking at Bayukbok Cave challenged my flexibility and endurance it a fun, fun way! I encourage you to try it too! :)

*Most photos are from my friends, Aluel, JL and Mars. :)

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