Travel 2014: Riding the Waves at Bagasbas Beach

It was my first time to try surfing! Bucketlist unlocked! :)


One of the famous surfing spots in the Philippines is Daet's Bagasbas Beach. It is a two-kilometer stretch of fine grey sand with waves of different levels coming from the Pacific Ocean.

It is admiring how the locals keep the beach clean and litter-free despite having many tourists around the area.

The surfing rate in Bagasbas is standard: PHP200/hr for the surfing instructor and PHP200/hr for the surf board rental.

I was really satisfied how my instructor has been patient with me during our one-hour lesson. Being a newbie, I fell and stumbled a lot during my first attempts to stand on the board. But with the right timing, form and practice, I finally learned how to ride the waves! Hooray!

I really had fun surfing. I will definitely try it again! :)

How to get to Bagasbas Beach: Take a bus from Manila to Daet. It is an 8-hour ride which will cost around PHP700. From the terminal in Daet, take a tricycle for PHP30 to Bagasbas Beach. 

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  1. Awesome you did amazing, I always fall lol.

  2. OMG you can surf! That is totally amazing :)))

    Lu |

  3. Wow, stunning pics, dear. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  4. this is awesome :) glad you had a great time

  5. Great post! Love it! ♥

  6. those photos have came out so cool! looks like such fun, don't think i'd have be able to bring myself to do that though haha

  7. Great pictures! I wish I could surf, it looks like so much fun :D

  8. woahh this looks so intense! I would have never guessed this way your first time!


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