Travel 2014: Ilocos Trip - Vigan City Tour


Vigan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known for being one of the few Hispanic towns left in the country. Its well preserved architecture represents the fusion of Asian design and colonial European architecture (

The best way to tour the City of Vigan is by riding the kalesa. This form of transporation has been in Vigan since the Spanish Colonial era. Now, it remained present in the streets of Vigan and became one of the must-try experiences in the city.

The kalesa tour took us to the different heritage sites and tourist spots in the city. Let me tell you some stories and share some pictures from the places we've been...

The Baluarte

Baluarte is an 80-hectare land owned by Chavit Singson. The area was developed as a mini zoo serving a home to different kinds of animals like tigers, deer, birds, horses and many more. Here are some of the animals we have seen!

The Hidden Garden

Hidden Garden is a simple but beautiful garden located in the barangay of Bulala. Its amazing landscape is decorated with interesting wood carvings, potteries and fountains.

Inside Hidden Garden is Lilong and Lilang's Restaurant which offers authentic Ilocano dishes. Unfortunately we weren't able to try any of the food because the restaurant is already closed when we got there. So, if you wish to eat here, be sure to visit at 6AM-6:30PM from Mondays-Thursdays or 6AM-7PM from Fridays-Sundays.

Calle Crisologo

Calle Crisologo is Vigan's major attraction. Its cobbled stones and old Spanish houses will bring you back to the European colonial period. It is the most beautiful street I've ever seen so far. Nowadays, some of the houses in Calle Crisologo are turned into restaurants and souvenir shops. It is very entertaining to stroll around the street and appreciate its beauty.

Irene's Vigan Empanada

Irene's Vigan Empanada offers the yummiest empanada I've ever tasted! Irene's is a carinderia-type of place offering different flavors of empanada at affordable prices. I tell you, never leave Vigan without trying their empanadas! (You'll miss half of your life! Haha.)

Plaza Salcedo

The central park in Vigan is the historical Plaza Salcedo. It is named after Juan Salcedo who is the conqueror and founder of the old Villa Fernandina de Vigan which is now the Vigan City. Today, Plaza Salcedo is a good place to sit down and hang out. It also features a dancing fountain show every night at 8PM.

These are just some of the places and attractions you can tour around Vigan. There are also old churches and historical museums you can visit and famous Vigan restaurants you can try. Too bad we did not have enough time to tour all of them. Still, I hope this post encouraged you to visit the beautiful City of Vigan! :)

*Special thanks to my friends Mars Echavez and Jokko Jimenez for the pictures. :)

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