Travel 2014: Ilocos Trip - Ilocos Norte Tour Day 2


The continuation of our two-day trip around the beautiful province of Ilocos Norte!

After our overnight stay in Pagudpod, we continued to explore some more of Ilocos Norte's tourist destinations.

Bangui Wind Farm

The wind farm located in Bangui, Ilocos Norte uses 20 units of wind turbines arranged in a row along Bangui Bay. It is the first 'wind farm' in the Philippines and it supplies around two-thirds of the power requirement of Ilocos Norte.

Standing face to face with these giant windmills was an awesome experience. It was such a magnificent sight and a really good spot for some picture-taking! Plus, you can take home some souvenirs and t-shirts from the different shops located in the area.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, also known as Burgos Lighthouse, was built in 1892 during the Spanish colonial period. It was a part of the Spanish government's plan to illuminate the Philippine archipelago.

The lighthouse is still standing tall and functional until today. The history of the site can be found in the entrance and there is a small museum that tourists can visit inside.

Malacanang of the North

The Malacanang of the North used to be the residence of former President Ferdinand Marcos and his family. Touring around the property would give an idea of the family's prestigious life during the Marcos regime. The spacious rooms, marble floors, antique furniture and lavish ornaments are just glimpse of how grand the mansion used to be.

Herencia Restaurant

Of course, this trip wouldn't be complete without some food trip. To satisfy our rumbling stomachs, we took our late lunch at Herencia Restaurant, a famous resto near Paoay Church, We ordered some of their Filipino dishes plus these two unique pizza flavors, the Pinakbet Pizza and the Longganisa Pizza. They were really delicious! Yuummmm!

So there's goes our second day in Ilocos Norte! It was really a jam-packed trip! :)

Watch out for the last day of our whole Ilocos trip, I will be sharing our La Union experience. :)

For the first day of our Ilocos Norte trip --> click here.

Pictures are from my friends, Jokko and Mars. Thanks!

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