Travel 2014: Stand Up Paddleboarding at La Union

For the last day of our Ilocos trip, our group decided to visit La Union for some water adventure!

Since some of my friends haven't tried surfing yet, we decided to include La Union in our itinerary. However, when we got there, there were no strong winds and big waves that welcomed us. The water was calm and peaceful which made it impossible for us to surf. The locals there told us that we can try paddle boarding and kayaking instead.

Having no other option and because we do not want to waste the 4-hour bus ride, we decided to rent a paddle board (300/hour) and a kayak (300/hour).

I have tried to ride a kayak several times already so I was more excited to try Stand Up Paddle boarding, also known as 'SUP'. The paddle board is a long surf board and the paddle handle is long enough for us to stand up on the board and get traction.

My friend, Mars, trying SUP as well.

Unlike surfing, SUP is more relaxed. Once you've managed to stand up, you just have to paddle to control where you want to go. SUP is also easier to learn than surfing. You do not have to ride with the waves, you just have to find your balance. And, if you are having trouble standing up, you can try the sitting position for a start.

Its a really good way to enjoy nature, explore the open water and admire the scenic view while having some alone time with yourself. :)

Now, its your turn to try what's SUP in La Union too! ;)

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  1. I never tried paddle-boarding, but it looks like a great fun:-)



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