Travel 2014: Sidetripin' at Kawasan Falls

Less than an hour away from the town of Moalboal is Badian's most famous attraction --- the Kawasan Falls.

After our tour in Moalboal, we decided to take a quick visit to Kawasan Falls located in Barangay Matutinao of Badian, Cebu. We hired a tricycle that took us near the Matutinao Church where the trail starts off. There were locals who offered to accompany us through the trail but we turned them down. The trail going to the falls is obvious and easy. If you do not have so much things to carry with you, you won't need a guide either.

It was a 15-20 minute trail going to the falls. There is an entrance fee of PHP10 per person which the locals use for maintenance purposes.

Walking through the trail is as easy as pie. The environment is clean and refreshing. You wouldn't even notice that you have walked more than a kilometer already.

All of us exclaimed our wows upon seeing the majestic waterfalls. It was really captivating to see and hear the splash of cool and clean running water flowing from the mountains.

Our group availed the bamboo raft tour which is the best thing I experienced in Kawasan falls. It took us slowly to the falls until we were completely exposed to the pressure of the water. The guide instructed us on the different positions that we should do so that our whole body will be massaged by the cold running water. It was fun and we were all screaming and laughing hard. We've got a really refreshing water massage!

After the bamboo ride, we explored the other parts of the falls. We swam, bummed and took some more pictures!

If you ever find yourself in the Southern part of Cebu, do not miss to put Kawasan falls in your itinerary!

Go chase the waterfalls!! :)

Here are the other expenses that you may need to consider:

Parking fee: PHP50.00
Entrance fee: PHP10.00
Bamboo Raft (for max of 15 persons): PHP300.00 (plus negotiable guide fee)
Life Vest: PHP50.00
Cottages: PHP300.00 to 500.00 (depending on size)

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