Travel 2015: Beachin' at Bantayan Island, Cebu

Looking for a perfect place for your next getaway? Bantayan is the place to be!

Bantayan Island is located at the west of the northern end of Cebu Island. The island is famous for its picturesque view and wide stretch of fine white sand. It is the perfect place to go if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

How to get there

From Cebu City, take a bus from Cebu North Terminal going to Hagnaya Port. Daily trips are as early as 4AM and travel time is around three to four hours. In Hagnaya Port, catch a ferry going to Sta Fe. The ferry departs as early as 7AM and travel time is around an hour.

Sta Fe is the eastern part of the island where most of the tourists stay because this is where the white sand beaches are located. You can go around the island via pedicabs or tricycles. You can also rent bicycles or motorcycles if you want to tour the island on your own.

What to do

When my friends and I went to Bantayan, we wanted to just chill and enjoy the beach so we did not engage on too many activities. We just lazed around the island, bummed in the beach and admired the amazing view. We also toured the small town of Sta Fe and spoiled our taste buds with sumptuous seafood meals.

We also availed a tour to Virgin Island Resort which is a privately owned island just 30 minutes away from Bantayan's mainland. We rented the boat for 800PHP and paid an entrance fee of 500PHP for the group. We really enjoyed strolling around the beach resort. It's a perfect day for some picture taking! Yay! :)

Aside from beach bumming and island hopping, here are the other activities you can try in Bantayan:
     - visit Ogtong Cave
     - take a tour around Kota Park and Baywalk
     - go scuba diving or snorkeling
     - visit the old churches around the town
     - go biking around the island

Bantayan may be far from the city but its definitely worth the butt-aching travel. So what are you waiting for? Go and book that next trip! :)

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  1. gorgeous pictures, and the place looks fab

    Lots of love and kisses from Dublin

  2. Let me just add here a helpful information for other readers who might want to rent a bike or scooter to tour around Bantayan Island. One can rent here: . They offer affordable motorbikes and scooters. If I'm not mistaken, they have one for only 500 pesos. Hope this helps to other readers out there!

    1. Thanks for the info, Larry. Hope I can try book2wheel on my next trips :)

  3. I feel excited. Btw can I ask if how much is the scuba diving renting? :)

    1. Hi. We were not able to try scuba diving but the people in Bantayan are very accommodating. You can ask around anytime. If you already booked a hotel I think they can help you out. Enjoy your vacay :)


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