Travel 2015: The Maniwaya Experience

Let's explore Marinduque this time! :)

Aside from the Moriones festival and Bellaroca, there isn't much buzz about Marinduque. When I learned that the province also offers beautiful white sand beaches, I got excited and immediately put it in my where-to-go list.  And when I finally had the chance and the need to go somewhere peace and quiet, I decided to avail a tour package from Taravel Tours to Maniwaya Island, one of Marinduque's treasure islands.

How to get there

The package I availed already included the transpo service, so I am not that familiar on how to get there via public transport. But, based on some blogs that I have read, you have to ride a Balanacan bound ferry from Dalahican port in Lucena. From Balanacan, you have to take a jeepney then a tricycle to Buyabod port in Sta Cruz where boats going to Maniwaya are taking trips once or twice a day.

With our package, the van fetched us at Puregold in Cubao at around 2:30AM. We took a quick stop for breakfast at Lucena Grand Terminal and then proceeded at General Luna port. From there, a private boat took us directly to our resort in Maniwaya Island. We reached Marikit-Na Beach Resort at around 11AM.

Where to Stay

Marikit-Na Beach Resort is one of the best places to stay in the island. It is a beautiful vacation house with a very zen vibe because of the wooden architecture and furniture.

I felt home when I entered the resort. It gave me the feel of peace and quiet that I needed. The Lay-Z-Boy chairs and rest areas facing the beach added up to the homey aura of the place.

Aside from the amazing beach house, the organizers also served us sumptuous meals as part of our package. 

Yeah, life in Maniwaya is really that good! Haha.

The Itinerary

For the first day, we were supposed to follow our itinerary above but after lunch, it rained. Instead of going out for island hopping, we just stayed in the resort, ate, slept and relaxed until dark. After dinner, we went out and hit the kareoke place for some drinks and socials.

We went off for island hopping for the second day of our trip. But before the tour, I woke up early and watched the sunrise. It was really magical and stunning!

Now, off to the day tour. First stop, the sand bar! The water is already getting high when we reached the bar so we weren't able to see its surface. Luckily, we were still able to go down, have a little swim and take some pictures.

After the sand bar, we went to the Rock Formation for some more picture taking and cliff jumping! YOLO!

Last stop, the Aloa beach. We spent most of our day here. We ordered halo-halo, sat on the white sand beach and just enjoyed the calmness of the surroundings. Totally the vacation I needed.

With all the beauty I have seen during this trip, I could say that Maniwaya is full of surprises! So put it down on your where-to-go list, as well! It's worth a spot. :)

PS. Thank you Taravel Tours for this wonderful vacay!


Some of the pictures were from one of the organizer, Larry

For details about the tour package, please contact Taravel Tours

Marikit-Na Beach Resort

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  1. Thanks so much for this.. Great to hear that you really enjoy your short visit here in our place and hope to see.u again next time soon...

  2. Hi, how much ang tour package nyo? Thanks :)

    1. hello there! 3K ung package na ni-avail ko. All-in na yun, transpo, food, lodging and island hopping :)

  3. Hi Pril :) would you mine if i ask who is your tour agents and their contacts number we would love to go there too :) thanks

    1. Hey, you can drop them an fb message:


      For details about the tour package, please contact Chino Aricaya

      Marikit-Na Beach Resort

  4. Hi Pril, the 3k is good for how many pax? :) thank you!

    1. Hi Juniel! 3K is good for 1 pax only but is all-in na. And dont worry, there are no hidden charges. You can check Taravel Tours ( on their current rate and trip schedules :)


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