Travel 2015: Bohol Day 2: Countryside tour

Exploring Bohol is so much fun!

As a continuation of our Bohol experience (see Day 1 here), our group toured around the province of Bohol to visit some of its famous tourist destinations.

Tarsier Conservation Area
Loboc, Bohol

The Philippine tarsier is one of the smallest primates in the world. Unfortunately, these creatures are already endangered.

Bohol is one of the safe havens of the Philippine Tarsier. Your Bohol experience is not complete without visiting the Tarsier Conservation Area in Loboc. Upon entering the sanctuary, you will be given a brief orientation about the rules and regulation inside. The guides around the viewing areas will also give you fun facts about these nocturnal creatures.

Bilar Man-made Forest
Bilar, Bohol

Due to the threat of deforestation in the Loboc Watershed, a reforestation plan was started way back 1947. This plan was established around the different towns of Bohol consisting of a total of 19,000+ hectares of land. Bilar Man-made forest was part of this big reforestation plan.

This 2-kilometer stretch of tall mahogany trees is very accessible since it is along the way going to Chocolate Hills. Our group took a quick stop to admire the environment and take some pictures on the road. When we stepped out of the van, we immediately felt the cool and fresh air.

Looking at the pictures of the man-made forest, there is no way to deny that it is really beautiful. But, for me, it is more captivating once you are there up close and personal.

Chocolate Hills
Carmen, Bohol

The Chocolate Hills is the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol. The conical hills are covered with grass which turns into color brown during the dry season. Thus, the name.

We got to see the Chocolate Hills upclose in a muddy and adventurous way via the ATV. Before the tour, we were given a brief orientation and the guides taught us how to control the ATV. It was fun and easy to drive! For an hour, we drove the route going to the Three Sisters Hills, the Eight sisters Hills and the mini rice terraces.

If you are going to visit Bohol, I really recommend for you to try to explore the Chocolate Hills via ATV too. It was one wet and wild experience!

After our exhilarating ATV drive, our group headed to the Chocolate Hills Viewing Deck. Climbing the stairs to the viewing deck can be tiring but all your efforts will be paid off once you reached the deck. The view on top is very rewarding. We took some time to breathe, relax and enjoy the scenery. And of course, we did not miss this chance for some picture taking.

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center
Bilar, Bohol

The Simply Butterflies Conservation Center houses a butterfly garden. The landscaped garden is full of colorful flowering plants and, of course, beautiful butterflies.

Our visit was very engaging because of our witty guide who toured us around the garden and shared facts about these pretty creatures.

Tigabo Hanging Bridge
Loboc, Bohol

The twin Hanging Bridge is another quick destination in Bohol. The bridge is located in Sevilla and it crosses the Sipatan River. It was originally constructed using bamboo and rope. Today, they have added steel cables for more support and stability.

Crossing this 40-meter bridge may be a bit scary at first because the bamboo deck flexes when you try to step on it. The walk may be bouncy but it was fun. We even tried to run to reach the end. On the other side, there are small stores selling food, drinks and souvenirs.

These are just some of the destinations that were part of our travel package. Other activities/destinations we enjoyed were:
1. Loboc River Cruise Lunch
2. Python Viewing
3. Baclayon Church Visit
4. Picture taking at the Blood Compact site

Overall, it was really a fun and jam-packed day! Bohol is really full of wonders! :)

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