Travel 2015: Bohol Day 3: Island Hopping

It's time for some more beachin' in Bohol!

Day 3 in Bohol and the fun never stops! This time we went for some island hopping! :)

First stop is the captivating island of Balicasag. It was not peak season so, when we arrived, we almost had the island to ourselves. Upon reaching the shore, we were immediately transferred to a smaller boat that took us to the first activity of the day... snorkeling and fish feeding!!

The snorkeling area in Balicasag has a very dynamic marine ecosystem. There are colorful fishes of different sizes inhabiting the area. The corals of different forms and sizes were in tact, as well. It is good to see that the 2013 earthquake that happened in Bohol did not destroy the marine life in Balicasag.

Our group enjoyed swimming with these wonderful creatures. We fed them with the left-over bread we had from our breakfast. It was such a bliss how the fishes would surround you whenever you give them food. They are everywhere!! :)

After more than an hour of playing with Balicasag's underwater species, our group got back to the shore. We took a rest and ordered lunch at the local store in the island. We were very full and satisfied with the sumptuous meal that was served to us.

After some rest and a lot of chit chats, the guide took us to the sand bar. Too bad, the tide is getting high already. The water was almost waist level when we reached the bar. Nevertheless, the scenery was still beautiful and the water was very crystal clear.

From the sand bar, we walked to the final itinerary of the day -- Isola di Francesco (Island of Saint Francis). This is a Virgin Island which was recently bought by Francescan friars. Eventhough it became a private island, the entrance is still free of charge. Yipee!

Upon entering the island, we were welcomed by a big golden statue of St Pio, a Francescan friar. We took some minutes of silence to admire the statue and render some prayers.

Religious statues of the Holy Family, angels and cherubs can be seen all around the island. Wandering around will not just make you feel closer to nature but also closer to God.

There are also bamboo lounge beds and wooden chairs for people who just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing view.

We spent the rest of the day in the island. It was such a beautiful day!

Indeed, Bohol is full of wonders! :)

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