Travel 2015: Photo Wall: Boracay Activities for your Barkada

Travelling with friends? Book that trip to Boracay for an ultimate barkada getaway!

Travelling with crazy friends will always be a fun idea. It will become even more fun if you will engage in various activities that the whole gang will surely enjoy.

Here are some of the activities you and your friends can try while on the captivating island of Boracay!

Boracay Pub Crawl
Bring out that party vibe. Make new friends. Drink and dance all night long!
How to be a part of this wildness? Click here:

Puka Beach Bumming
Hire a tricycle and go to the other side of the island. Have a dip at the clear and blue waters of Puka Beach.

Forget your fear of heights and take that courage to go higher. Have a good view of the whole Boracay island while you are up in the air!

Riding the Fly Fish
Get wet and wild. Let's see how long can you hold that grip before the water can pull you down and drown you.

Island hopping and cliff jumping
Avail an island hopping tour that will take you to the Magic Island. Test your courage by jumping on that 10-meter cliff!

Jogging along the beach
Bring your running shoes. Wake up early for a quick morning run along the wide stretch of fine white sand. After cooling down, sit down and rest while watching the sun rise.

Sunset watching
Hire a Paraw. Adore the view and watch the mesmerizing sunset.

Ultimate Beach Bumming
Walk along the beach. Play cards. Swim in the cold and clear ocean. Enjoy that refreshing drink. Eat that seafood you are craving for. Take pictures. Enjoy each other's company and laugh at each other's jokes.

Too many fun things to try, right? What are you waiting for? Call the barkada and book that trip! :)

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