Travel 2017: Rock Climbing in Rodriguez, Rizal

First adventure for 2017!

There's no better way to start the year than with an extreme adventure! So, when my friend asked me if I want to try rock climbing, I immediately said yes even on a short notice. We joined The Extreme Adventure Zone in their Rock Climbing 101 event in Wawa Dam, Rodriguez, Rizal.

How to get there

From the FX Terminal in front of Jollibee - Cubao Farmers, ride an FX going to Montalban, Rizal. If you are a large group, you can negotiate with the driver and he could drop you off directly to the barangay hall. If not, you will have to ride a tricycle from the terminal to Brgy Wawa.

Rock Climbing 101

The Extreme Adventure Zone is a group of outdoor enthusiasts that organizes extreme adventure tours and outdoor education training. One of their events is Rock Climbing 101 where you'll be introduced to the basics of rock climbing and, of course, you'll experience it first hand!

Our Rock Climbing adventure started with a 10-minute walk from the barangay hall to the climbing spot. After setting up the site and some short introduction to the group, the organizers discussed the fundamentals of Rock Climbing as well as the gears and equipment needed to ensure a safe climb.

In photo: Rock climbing gears and equipment - carabiners, ropes, auto-belay device, harness, rock climbing shoes, chalk bag
After the short intro, they introduced us to the 90-degree 60-feet walls that we will be climbing -- the Rook and the Screwdriver. The organizers demonstrated how to do it then each of us took turns to climb the walls.

Me and my friend, Gene, climbing the Rook and the Screwdriver
Some tips that were shared to us:
- Use the right shoes. It must be one to two sizes smaller to have a better grip;
- Climb with your legs not with your hands;
- 3-point rule. Make sure three of your limbs are already secure/stable before moving to your next step;
- Balance. Practice proper weight-shifting; and
- Establish communication with your belayer.

Personally, I was challenged by this activity. Climbing the rocks was really hard but so much fulfilling! You have to be physically ready. You need a lot of arm and leg strength and flexibility to go up. You also have to be mentally prepared. There are instances where you'll have to think what your next step should be in order to move up. And lastly, you have to be emotionally prepared. Always believe and trust yourself. Push hard! You can do it!

Thanks TEAZone for my first legit Rock Climbing adventure! You ROCK! :)

Package Details:
Registration fee: PHP600 only
Inclusive of local fees, instructor, and gear rentals
Exclusive of transpo, packed meals, and shower

The Extreme Adventure Zone (TEAZone)

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