TRAVEL 2017: CLIMB: Mt Kupapey and Mt Fato Twin Hike

Chill twin hike up in the north!

Mt Kupapey (1438 MASL) and Mt Fato (1647 MASL)
Major jump-off point: Maligcong, Bontoc, Mountain Province
Days Required/Hours to Summit: 1 day/ 3-4 hours twin hike
Difficulty: 3/9
Features: Pine trees, rock formation in Mt Fato

How to get there
Since my visit in Maligcong is a company event, we hired a van going there. Travel time is around 11-12 hours with few stops along the road for driver/CR break.

If you are planning to take a public transport, you can take the CODA Bus going to Sagada via Bontoc. The bus station is at HM Transport in Cubao. Alight at the terminal in Bontoc and from there you can take a jeepney or tricycle going to Maligcong. The overall fare may cost you around 700PHP (one-way).

Where to stay
There are several homestays in Maligcong. Our group stayed at Ate Suzette's Homestay (+63915 536 3557). We stayed in the 14-bed room for 350PHP per pax (overnight). What I love about the place is their veranda, which is also the dining area, overlooking the Maligcong Rice Terraces. They also offer free coffee and home-made tea! A must try! Ate Suzette is very hospitable and accommodating. If I will go back to Maligcong, I will definitely stay there again.
The veranda/common area in Ate Suzette's Homestay.
The trail
Mt Kupapey and Mt Fato's trail are almost the same. The trail is just like that of Mt Gulugod Baboy with a lot of pine trees along the trail. Since the mountains are up in the north, the weather is very favorable for hikers. It was not too hot even if we started the hike after lunch. It was a really chill twin hike, very advisable for beginners. I really love this climb! So much for a breather! :)

The tall picturesque trees along the trail
The magnificent view of Maligcong Rice Terraces from the summit of Mt Kupapey
The summit of Mt Fato is marked by this large rock formation
After the hike, you can take a quick tour around the rice terraces.

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